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Lead by Rev Paul & Ps Esabel Jeyachandran, the Intentional Disciple Making Church Movement is driven by the call to be authentic disciples of Jesus Christ and intentional disciplemakers of a certain kind. Our mission is to call churches from all around the world, back to their disciplemaking roots.

Rev Paul Jeyachandran and Ps Esabel Jeyachandran
Our Conferences

IDMC Conference

The Intentional Disciple Making Church vision has been at the core and heart of our organisation since 2013. Moved by obedience towards Christ’s Great Commission, we have since taken the initiative on launching annually the IDMC Conferences in Australia with the goal of training the wider body. IDMC Conferences aim to be catalytic in sounding a clear clarion call for churches to return to their disciplemaking roots.

This Year's Conference

Conference 2023

Transforming Your Inner World is our eleventh annual IDMC Conference. We are excited to hold our conference online this year, so that many around the world can tune in and be blessed by this year's message.

Our Past Conferences


Deeper In The Word

Encountering the God of the Word.



Multiplying authentic disciples & empowering a discipleship movement.


Redefining Success

Returning the church to its disciplemaking roots.

Did you miss out? Not to worry – our past conferences can be watched online. Register for FREE in our IDMC College platform at the link below to gain instant access plus view many other courses and curriculums.

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